5 Questions with Jose Marquez director of ISA on Chiller tonight

Before you watch the premier of ISA on Chiller tonight learn about the director Jose Marquez.

1. What inspired the story?

It was a few things coming together. For over a decade, I’d wanted to respond, however humbly, to the movie “The Matrix,” which, like so many others, I found completely exhilarating. But the movie also left me wondering what it is that makes humans valuable – that is, other than the small amount of electricity we produce. I’d also spent a few years watching many people – some in good faith, some not – arguing about immigration. Seldom do people talk about larger, structural issues like international capital flows. Finally, when I first started toying with a high school story, a friend of mine left a poster on my desk in support of the DREAM act. It’s such a powerful metaphor. So that’s how it all came together, mostly.

2. What attracted you to the science fiction genre?

I’ve always been a fan. I was born during the Cold War in a country that is still, in many ways, stuck in the Cold War. When I was a very little boy, my uncle, who lived in the U.S., visited us and brought me a Superman belt that had various scenes from the 1930s comic painted on the belt. It was my favorite thing for quite a long time. Like that comic, there’s something very blatantly political about science fiction, about a fantasy that wants to be of the current moment, the moment that is emerging, rather than a historical story.

3. What director inspired you to pursue the field?

Many! John Carpenter, Todd Haynes, John Waters, Mary Harron and Neil Jordan. More recently, I think the world of Matteo Garrone, Jonathan Glazer, Andrea Arnold, Nadine Labaki. Too many.

4. What stories do you want to tell as a director/writer?

Fun ones? Less glib answer: I would love to make emotionally powerful movies that inspire audiences to talk and think about hard questions.

Check out the trailer: http://bit.ly/isatrailer

Watch it ISA live with popcorn and the lights off!!!

Leave a comment below about what sci-fi movie inspires you …


Hot Sauce Wars are heating up

The business of hot sauce is heating up with Tabasco working on a challenge to the world wide king the original Sriracha Sauce created in SoCal.  Sriracha hot sauce made by Huy Fong Foods has about 60 million dollars in sales (estimated) and for that amount of money it’s no surprise that big food business is looking to usurp the king.  The first major player to put their on spin on the hot sauced loved by foodies is the original king of hot Tabasco.  They are currently working on perfecting their recipe to have it join them on the shelves at a store near you in 2015.  Rumor has it they are tinkering with the flavor to stay true to their own vingerary tang but that will harmonize with the Thailand inspired hot sauce style.  It should be difficult to get the recipe to fit with their taste guide but once completed it might spell serious issues for this upstart.  It’s difficult to compete with a company tha
t has the shelf space that Tabasco has not only in the US but worldwide.  Currently the Sriracha hot sauce unique taste has gotten them free advertising with Lay & Kettle (and others) potato chips, go to condiment for restaurants and in various cook book recipes.  Once Tabasco releases their sauce will people reach for a familiar brand or the originator?

I think it’s a matter of taste and some people have never loved vinegar with their hot sauce and others do.  The distinct logo, color, bottle and cost will have me reaching for Sriracha.  What will you reach for in the Thai Hot Sauce Wars?

TABASCO Sriracha SauceTABASCO® Premium Sriracha Sauce is a masterful blend of spicy, sweet and savory flavors, that is authentic to South East Asian cuisine. It is the perfect addition to stir fry, noodles and soups, or to any recipe that calls for the delicious combination of sweet chili and garlic. Gluten, preservative, and fat free, TABASCO® Premium Sriracha Sauce is made of only the highest quality ingredients to create an authentic Thai chili sauce from the Brand who created pepper sauce in 1868. 15 oz. plastic bottle.

Super fans at PaleyFest

Cherry Davis:

Sleepy Hollow is the SHOW!! What a great panel with the chemistry of the cast sparkling like the sky at midnight!

Originally posted on Sci Fi Maven:

Day One

This year marked the first time that I’ve attended PaleyFest. It’s an annual festival bringing together the creators and stars of current and past tv shows and to interact with their community of fans.

My first panel was the breakout hit of the 2013/2014 season – Sleepy Hollow. The main cast: Nicole Behaire, Tom Mison, Orlando Jones, John Cho, Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Len Wiseman, Heather Kadin. The panel was moderated by Sandra Gonzalez.

The producers were tight lipped and didn’t give away to many hints for the upcoming season. The only tidbits dropped were that the we be a new boss in charge of the station. Frank Irving will be facing trials and tribulations and the Horseman of War will be getting his own henchman!

The highlight of the panel was the sparkling chemistry between the cast. Nicole Beharie was the first person attached to the show…

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Jack Daniels and Frank Sinatra are BEST friends!

Jack Daniels has released a special bottle called Sinatra Select to commemorate Frank Sinatra’s love of the brand.  It’s the perfect pairing of American Icons who have withstood the test of time.  Anyone who’s a fan of Frank Sinatra has seen him drinking Jack while in movies, performing in Las Vegas and being the epitome of a Jack Drinker .. namely a rebel.  But Frank is a classic rebel who’s aged in his rebellion and could afford the finer things in life.  Hence the newest select release.  I’m sure that Frank and the rest of the Rat Pack are looking down from heaven with a glass of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select!

Jack Daniel's  

Jack and Frank – a lifelong friendship

Jack & Frank - Together Again
Dear Cherry,

Frank Sinatra was a man who lived life to the fullest. He was always clear about what he 
liked, and just how he liked it – his way. From the moment he was introduced to 
Jack Daniel’s, a lifelong friendship began. 

The rest, as they say, is history. From then on Jack and Frank were inseparable, appearing
on stage together almost every night and travelling the world together. Truth is, Frank loved
Jack so much he was even laid to rest with a bottle by his side.

Watch Jack & Frank in action
Such a special friendship deserves an equally bold and distinctive tribute. Which is why the
distillery has created Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select in memory of Jack’s biggest fan.

Bottled at 90 proof, this fine whiskey is left to mature in special ‘Sinatra Barrels’, each one 
handcrafted with the addition of deep grooves on the inside of the staves. These unique ridges
expose the whiskey to extra layers of oak, imparting a rich amber color, bold character and 
pleasant smokiness, which result in an incredibly smooth vanilla finish.

All in all, Sinatra Select is the perfect embodiment of the character of Frank himself.

Discover more about Sinatra Select
Glass of Jack Daniel's
Drink it Frank's Way
Frank Sinatra was quite particular about
how he drank his Jack. For starters, only a traditional rocks glass would do. In it he
would place three or four cubes of ice, two fingers of Jack and a splash of water. Then he liked to let it sit a while for the flavors to
blend. We hope you enjoy it his way too.



Learn the Business of Blogging at Annual Lifestyle Bloggers Conference

LL Blog Badge v2 ATTENDING (1)

I’m attending the 4th Annual Lifestyle Blogger Conference March 27 – 29th in Los Angeles.  I want my blog to go BIG in 2014 and am looking at the business of blogging with new eyes.  I have the content, the interesting viewpoint and am now focusing generating real income from my lifestyle blog.  HUGE thanks to #LALLBLOG14 and Lizza Monet Morales  aka  xoxolizza @twitter  & xoxolizza @Instagram for their sponsorship of my attendance!!!!!

All of the panels will teach you how to be a better blogging businessperson.  From the legal rights and wrongs, to making sure you stay on the right side of the IRS to being an ethical blogger.  I plan to take copious notes, ask questions and LISTEN.  As a professional in any capacity you can always find something new to learn to make you better at your job.  It’s especially true with blogging since the field is crowded!

I’m especially excited to attend  the panels because of  my plans to increase my Geek Projects.  I need sponsors to make them successful and to be able to fully focus on my two newest ideas to start filming.  I recommend anyone who wants to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge by the great panelists to attend this conference.   See the schedule of the event below and buy tickets at eventbrite.  

It’s 2014 and it’s time to take your blog to the next level!  So Go Big or Go Home .. or better still go to the 4th Annual Lifestyle Blogger Conference!!!

The Fourth Annual National Lifestyle Bloggers Conference  (#LALLBLOG14) is a two-day, one-track conference focused on business development and growth for bloggers that are focused on “Going Big, or Going Home!”

Conference Highlights Include:

  • Invitation to the Opening Night kick-off Reception
  • Three Keynotes
  • Two sponsored lunches
  • Snacks +  Drinks
  • Behind the scenes tour of the LA Mart
  • Blogger Junket (One-on-one blogger meetings with brand reps)
  • SWAG Bag (Valued at $100+)
  • Opportunity to win hourly prizes
  • Seven workshops/panels, including:

* Networking for Bloggers in the Social Media Age (Panel)
Expert speakers will provide you with key tools, tips, and must do’s to help you grow your blogging network and avoid burning your bridges
Speakers include:  @district2ptco  @cassiebetts  @moxxe  @michelleemails @lyssacurran 

* Legal 101 for Bloggers
Rosa Elena Sahugun, one of LA’s leading lawyers, will provide #lallblog14 attendees with do’s and don’t’s in contract law.
She will also discuss libel, slander and defamation and how to keep your blogging business on course.

* How to create a Digital Strategy to Promote and Grow your Blog/Online Business (Panel)
The Digital Strategy panel has the expertise of former FIDM instructor and international marketing professional John Urquiza.
Joining John Urquiza on the Digital Strategy panel will be @mayhemstudios @vickyayala

This #powerhouse panel will make you think outside of your blog and create a Digital Strategy that is well rounded. 

* Not Just a Blogger – Showcasing bloggers that have used their blog as a spring board to further grow their career (panel)
This panel of bloggers made a career outside of their blog, and will share tools and tips for other bloggers to follow in their footsteps.
@MarieDenee (The Curvy Fashionista)  @norah_s  and @marianthefoodie will teach attendees how to utilize their blog for career growth.

* Maximizing SEO for your Blog/Online Business (workshop)
Learn world-class SEO knowledge from recent keynote from Engage Mexico and founder of Target Latino, Claudia Havi Goffan.
Claudia has created a presentation with SEO strategies that are done by leading Fortune 500 brands that bloggers can use to grow their online presence. 

* Tax Do’s and Don’t for Bloggers (workshop)
The Tax For Bloggers workshop to help us all get our blogging business on course.
A leading Los Angeles “Enrolled Agent,” which is NOT the same as a regular tax pro, will help you navigate tax law to help you grow your business

* The Ethics of Blogging (panel)
This is our “signature panel.”
Panelists include @mamavation founder @bookieboo, journalist turned blogger@teresagarza, entertainment and lifestyle PR agency founder and radio personality @VesperPR, and Founder and executive director of @DIYgirls and MIT grad, @LuzRivas.

* and much, much, more!!


Fourth Annual Lifestyle Bloggers Conference - March 27-29....