Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica September 30 – October 1, 2011

Did you hear that Santa Monica is hosting the 2011 Alternative Ca Expo on September 30 – November 1, 2011?  It should be lots of fun with opportunities to test drive fuel efficient vehicles, speaking with various manufactures, learning about the alternative fueling systems and just seeing the new exciting auto designs!  I can’t wait to attend this event and to see what the manufactures have planned for the future and near present!

AltCar Exhibit Hall provides one of the most extensive presentations of Alternative technology vehicles and transportation, infrastructure, renewable energies, energy efficiency and urban planning found worldwide.

AltCar Ride & Drive Area offers a rare hands-on experience with all technologies.

Focus on Fleets Conference supplies the Fleet Industry with the most cutting edge information on all aspects of alternative vehicle technology, infrastructure and sustainability. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED
AltCar Speakers Program brings world renowned experts to consumers and professionals.
2011 AltCar Vehicle Showcase

These vehicles will be featured at the AltCar Expo (Please check back as we are continually updating our vehicle line-up).


Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
1855 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401-3209


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