The invisible unemployed aren’t strangers

In this economy we all know someone who is unemployed or underemployed.  At times listening to their tales of woe is overwhelming and it’s easier to step away from your friend, family or spouse.  It’s not your problem and to put it honestly it’s a bit depressing.  Only in the bible does the ‘we are all our brother’s keeper’ have the weight of God‘s will.  It’s also likely that the person feels shame and stress from the struggle that is like being a rat in a maze no matter what way you turn your still trapped and so they withdraw from friends, family and support.  Or they are so ashamed they don’t tell people that they need a ear to listen or shoulder to cry on or just someone to distract them from the fearful abyss that seems bottomless.

So I’d like to recommend a few things to do that will keep them feeling connected and not so alone.

  • Send an email to check in
  • Ask if everything is OK
  • If you know of a job send them the link to the description
  • Recommend them on LinkedIn
  • Tell them to get of their place and go for a walk with them or find a free event and drag them out of their place
  • Look over their resume and cover letters to see if you can suggest improvements
  • Offer to be a reference or help them prep for an interview

Just talk to them about ANYTHING but being out of work can be a comfort to those who are still looking for a job.  It’s not your job to shore them up or be the wall they cling to but offering a lifeline to someone who feels alone cast adrift in a stormy sea will be such a comfort that it might save them in ways you can’t imagine.



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