Dating while your eyes are closed

Are you looking to meet someone and are confused that nobody is coming around the horizon? It might be that your eyes are closed to dating possibilities. If you have a ‘type’ that you refuse to deviate from than your missing out on people who may not be your physical ideal. To put it simply if your ‘type’ isn’t interested in dating you than you need to reevaluate your dating ideal. often this means that if someone who tries to catch your attention but that doesn’t have the physical attributes you desire you will likely dismiss them out of hand. Everyone does this from Men to Women — Gay or Straight we ALL have these blinders on and it’s likely a big reason why your not dating or meeting anyone!!! So .. WAKE UP and open your eyes. You are likely surrounded by people all the time and the law of averages mean that out of the 20 strangers you come across a day at least two of those people might find you intriguing. They just may not be the Prince Charming or Barbie Doll that fills your fantasies but that doesn’t mean they won’t be someone you should get to know.

So deviate from your type and try something new. We all love chocolate and vanilla ice cream but I bet you also might want to try peppermint or eggnog ice cream. Sometime the unexpected is what will hit the spot and that’s true for dating. If you haven’t met or been able to date your ideal person than you need to change your ideal to fit along the lines of the people who are interested and want to date you. If your stuck in a no dating rut it’s time to work with a dating coach to help you improve your chances. It might be an update to your wardrobe and style with a makeover to widen your appeal. Or a evaluation on your social skills and how your interacting with people. It might be evaluation of your ‘type’ and what your seeking in a mate (personality, common interests, etc.,) from someone who will look at it from a dispassionate viewpoint.


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