Is it still Big Brother if it has Mouse Ears? MyMagic+ at Disney Amusement Parks

Disney tech

Disney (DIS) officially introduced MyMagic+ wristbands with RFID chips at their hearts to enhance their vacation from hotel room to rides this tech advance is the future of amusement parks and more

I can never fear the mouse and I for one am excited about this new tech that Disney recently unveiled. The first Disney resort for the roll the is Disney World Orlando in Florida where Magic+ will make your vacation .. well magical.  The handy bracelets is part of a tech trifecta with a app, website and the bracelet that will enable park goers to schedule ride times, enter their hotel room, make reservations and even allow park staff to truly personalize your vacation with the information inputted to the bracelets.  Staff will know attendees information and will be able to  greet your kids personally (birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, quinceanera) or event (wedding, anniversary) so they’ll know the what to say from a song to congrats.  For some people this is a dream come true but for others it’s Orwell 1984 come to life!

But in this digital, over sharing and living all their lives online generation it makes sense and will feel normal for them!  I’m sure that Disney has taken into account others who feel more comfortable with anonymity will likely be able to request an opt out since they don’t want guests to be unhappy.

Of course I’m sure quite a few parents will feel this adds an additional layer of welcomed security to keep an eye on their kids as they run around the huge four parks.

Depending on the success the Magic+ has I suspect other major amusement park chains will be playing catch up for this tech advancement once guests start to request equal programs.  It seems as if some startup is likely already creating an app that will mimic Magic+ for other uses from replacing key cards to payroll forms.


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