Free Cone Day is GREAT for business .. Ben & Jerry Philosophy of giving back (charity)

I must admit that I love ice cream, B&J Ice Cream Shops (especially), the business back story and philosophy of the founders (Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield) who believe that having a business that treats their staff well is the foundation of success.  Every year I go to Ben and Jerry for free cone day with friends and/or co-workers as a ‘treat’ as well as a give back since the scoopers that day are with various non-profits that get all the tips for their organization. Cone Together logoSo this year make sure you make a trip, ignore your diet, bring your kids, friends, family and random strangers to your local Ben & Jerry with TIP money and grab a cone.  I’m sticking with Vanilla (maybe) and will bring $5 to give back… forget my diet it’s work the sacrifice!


Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Free Cone Day is on April 9th!


Free Cone Day is on April 9th! So, make sure you swing by one of our participating Scoop Shops and grab yourself a FREE cone. Free Cone Day is something we’ve been doing since 1979 when Ben and Jerry celebrated their first year of business! Ben and Jerry wanted to thank everyone for their support in the best way they knew how; with free ice cream!

Once again this year we’re giving away plenty of our classic flavors as well as some of our new flavors like Candy Bar Pie and Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt. If you haven’t tried them yet, this is a great opportunity to give them a lick!

Looking for a friend to join you on Free Cone Day? This year we built a technological thingamabob to help you find the perfect friend to enjoy Free Cone Day with. So give it a whirl and Cone Together!

Needing to locate a participating Scoop Shop near you? No problem – just head to our Scoop Shop Locatorand we’ll hook you up!


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