You’ve got to use what you got to grab attention

I love when a business embraces it’s longevity and especially when it’s a restaurant or eaterie I already love. A ‘prime’ example (tee hee) is coming up on June 11th at Lawry’s the Prime Rib opened in 1938. To celebrate their historic anniversary a lucky few get to step back in time and pay like it’s 1938 again. It’s only for lunch from 11 am – 3pm. But this is a heck of a deal with their world famous Lawry’s Cut prime rib dinner that includes the Spinning Bowl Salad, mashed potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding.

It’s a great way to get customers (new and old) excited about your business and a good way to show off new menu items (drinks, appetizers, seasonal) or to introduce a new chef or direction. This can be used for a variety of business not just restaurants. It can be for a gym with a intro classes at a special price and if they join that day a discounted membership. You simply have to decide how you want to get people in the door and make them regular clients.

Often business owners are too close and unable to examine the business marketing with a dispassionate eye so often it’s a great idea to work with an outside consultant/business who are able to look at the market and where your business fits.


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