Southeast Ford Dealerships are supporting the troops this weekend. Can you test drive a car to help out?

This weekend Ford Dealerships in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, East Tennessee, North and South Carolina are going to donate $15 if you test drive a car.  It’s still doing ‘good’ even if the goal is to sell cars to people who are already considering a Ford.  Because really we need to support our troops and their families who’ve sacrificed so much for our nation.

Even if you aren’t seriously considering a Ford can you not sacrifice part of your weekend to sending a care package?  Even better if you’re not in the Southeast send $15 or your time to Operation Gratitude to help out with sending out care packages.  I’ve spent a Saturday or two volunteering at the Operation Gratitude in the valley (SoCal) it was fun and I just felt so part of our nation.


Southeast Ford Dealerships Are Making it Easy to
Support the Troops!

Live in the Southeast region of the country? Have family or friends in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, East Tennessee, North Carolina or South Carolina?

Spread the Word! During this weekend — June 13-16 — participating Southeast Ford dealerships will donate $15 to Operation Gratitude for every test drive of a Ford vehicle.
Every test drive will send another care package!

More test drives = More care packages sent,
so rev those engines and let’s get driving!


Ford Support

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