Opportunity Drawing for fundraising


I saw this fundraiser to win a new 2013 Audi and thought it was a great way to get people to buy an opportunity drawing (raffle ticket but in CA you have to call them opportunity drawing for legal reasons).  The Mission Hospital Golf Classic made it a drawing to not only win a car but also to have in addition 6 cash prizes so your chance to win goes from 1 in 1400 to 1 in 200 .. it’s not a guarantee that you will but it’s still better odds than the lottery!  Also no one can resist the siren call of winning a high end luxury vehicle for only $100 dollars.  Most people spend a $100 a month on buying coffee/eating out/parking tickets/nights out/movies and other items that won’t be nearly as flashy as a new car parked in front of your place.  Even better to entice excitement is that they will call the winner at the EVENT if they aren’t present (and likely have them on speakerphone).  I can’t imaging ANYONE not wanting that call!

Often when people have yearly fundraisers they get stuck in a rut with the philosophy that ‘we always do it this way’ and are resistant to change since ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it’. They get the tunnel vision of focusing on their current supporters and lose sight that when cultivating supporters you have to be like a shark always moving.  You must always keep new prospects on your mind but not just the large donors but all donors to have relationships and introductions to new prospects who will support your cause.  You need an approach of looking at the demographic of your area and have a 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 year plan (general outline) with a willingness to be flexible to take into account unexpected variables.

Last Chance – Don’t Miss Out! 
Get your ticket TODAY!

As the title sponsor of the 21st Annual Mission Hospital Golf Classic, we are pleased to invite you to participate in a special opportunity to support Mission Hospital and the wonderful community it services – ours!

Part of the tournament fundraising efforts include the ever-exciting Opportunity Drawing. You’re invited to participate in a chance to drive home a winner of a new 2013 Audi A4 Sedan or Audi Allroad, your choice!

This is one of our favorite and noteworthy annual events! Besides partnering with a remarkable hospital, the amazing part is someone really wins a new car – not a limited-time lease, the whole thing! Opportunity Drawing tickets also make great gifts.
Opportunity Drawing Ticket sales are limited to 1,400 total. Add in the six additional cash prizes and odds of winning are one in 200! 

Here’s how to get yours:

1. Visit the secure Mission Hospital Website.
2. Read the rules and complete the form.
3. Mission Hospital will mail you your ticket stubs.

The drawing takes place on June 24, 2013 at the Coto de Caza Country Club, at the reception dinner of the Golf Classic; winner need not be present – but will receive a phone call with phenomenal news!

This Golf Classic is being held in effort to raise funds to enrich Mission Hospital’s facilities and diagnostic technologies. These valuable tools provide doctors the critical information they need to save lives – right here in our very backyard.

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