The business of Anchorman 2 starts … NOW with Ron Burgundy!

Be prepared since the business of Anchorman 2 is kicking into full swing before the film comes out in December.  They are using cross marketing on everything from the new Dodge Durango to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in a very well thought out way to capitalize on the ‘brand’ of a hard drinking boozing 70s guy who would have driven a Dodge, likely smoked, been a womanizer, drank and well lived a life of debauchary.  Hmmm that’s not what brands normally want to align with but coupled with the comedic star power of Will Ferrell and a beloved movie sequel it’s a win.   This is one of those films that did OK at the box office but really took off with the young demographic that marketers love.  Also the time period of the 70s when America was on top is a nostalgic trip for older people as well.  Of course what really impresses me is the cross promotion with Dodge where they are using Ron Burgundy in the ads.  It’s the first time that they’ve used a character and not the actor.  I’m sure it will be effective since the first time I saw the ad I didn’t hit the remote!  It takes a lot to not fast forward through a commercial and sex is the go to but comedy appeals more widely to men and women.  

The Dodge brand and Paramount Pictures have launched a multifaceted advertising and marketing campaign in advance of the holiday release of “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” In the commercials, Will Ferrell reprises his funny character Ron Burgundy in a cool campaign which debuted Saturday, Oct. 5. The integrated cross-promotion marketing camapaign marks the first time a movie studio and brand-tie in has used an actor in character to create original short and long form content. The campaign will incorporate print, television, digital and social media.


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