Spicy Cross Marketing with Sriracha and Shophouse (Chipotle)

Who doesn’t like it spicy? Sriracha and Shophouse a perfect spicy marriage!

It’s the perfect cross of food and spice with Shophouse and Sriracha with a marketing one two punch!  The Southeast Asian inspired Shophouse and the SoCal based spicy Sriracha have combined marketing buzz for the new chain as they come to Los Angeles.  
Sriracha is quite the headliner getter in LA with its ongoing legal battle and threat of a shortage for those who can’t eat without a bottle shake.  This Asian inspired condiment is a perfect match with Shophouse as it leaves the incubator of Washington, DC to mimic the Chipotle business model of fast dining casual.  It’s a business model that the average consumer is willing to pay more for with better ingredients and a limited menu focused on perfection. Steve Ells, Chipotle Founder is the King who took his idea for assembly line Americanized Mexican Food national!  His chain’s appeal is that it’s healthy, has a philosophy to serve only naturally raised meat and to promote sustainable agriculture with a good tasting menu.   He’s now expanding his fast dining casual empire with a South Asian restaurant that is joining an ever expanding competition with other chains that used have their own menu items to appeal to the American palate.  Now that he’s ready to expand his brand his match with Sriracha a condiment used in the restaurant to get new and current customers to get a little spice with the chain that has the Chipotle style with a new twist.  Will he be able to replicate the Chipotle magic?  Only time will tell as he starts to compete with Pizza Revolution and other fast dining causal restaurants that are trying to make their own empires.


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