Do you think Chipotle when you think LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy Season Opener Tickets

Well the Los Angeles Chipotle marketing team thinks it’s a logical match with the newest local food promotion.  It wasn’t too long ago that they introduced their new fast restaurant concept to LA with their Sriracha day at Shophouse.  It was such a success that they’ve decided to take it to the next level with the number one sport in the world FOOTBALL .. not American Football but what we call soccer.  The world cup is coming up and in Brazil and the US/SoCal are gearing up for soccer madness!

Now I’m not sure if I think of Chipotle and LA Galaxy but it’s a great way to fend off the other fast casual concepts that are encroaching on their state dominance.   Nobody can resist BOGO (Buy One Get One) and to have it on Saturday, March 8th .. well it’s a great deal!  I’m sure they will inundated with regular and casual customers all wearing their LA Galaxy gear celebrating the start of the season.

This makes perfect sense for Major League Soccer to start their encroaching into the popularity of other sports in the US with their bad press and injuries lots of families are looking at new sports for family fun.  Soccer is fitting the bill with more kids signing up than ever.

The real question is who’s the true marketing winner?  LA Galaxy, Major League Soccer (MLS) or Chipotle?


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