5 Questions with Jose Marquez director of ISA on Chiller tonight

Before you watch the premier of ISA on Chiller tonight learn about the director Jose Marquez.

1. What inspired the story?

It was a few things coming together. For over a decade, I’d wanted to respond, however humbly, to the movie “The Matrix,” which, like so many others, I found completely exhilarating. But the movie also left me wondering what it is that makes humans valuable – that is, other than the small amount of electricity we produce. I’d also spent a few years watching many people – some in good faith, some not – arguing about immigration. Seldom do people talk about larger, structural issues like international capital flows. Finally, when I first started toying with a high school story, a friend of mine left a poster on my desk in support of the DREAM act. It’s such a powerful metaphor. So that’s how it all came together, mostly.

2. What attracted you to the science fiction genre?

I’ve always been a fan. I was born during the Cold War in a country that is still, in many ways, stuck in the Cold War. When I was a very little boy, my uncle, who lived in the U.S., visited us and brought me a Superman belt that had various scenes from the 1930s comic painted on the belt. It was my favorite thing for quite a long time. Like that comic, there’s something very blatantly political about science fiction, about a fantasy that wants to be of the current moment, the moment that is emerging, rather than a historical story.

3. What director inspired you to pursue the field?

Many! John Carpenter, Todd Haynes, John Waters, Mary Harron and Neil Jordan. More recently, I think the world of Matteo Garrone, Jonathan Glazer, Andrea Arnold, Nadine Labaki. Too many.

4. What stories do you want to tell as a director/writer?

Fun ones? Less glib answer: I would love to make emotionally powerful movies that inspire audiences to talk and think about hard questions.

Check out the trailer: http://bit.ly/isatrailer

Watch it ISA live with popcorn and the lights off!!!

Leave a comment below about what sci-fi movie inspires you …



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