Hack Climate Change Fall 2014

Geeklist is organizing the Hack4good 0.6 this coming fall and are looking for people all over to come up with how to get our climate back on track. So let’s get a team together and do some good for the environment!

You’re invited to Hack Climate Change at #hack4good 0.6 – mobilizing now!


Dear socially conscience hacker, you are invited to help us Hack a Better Climate!

Time for Geeklist Hack4good 0.6 – mobilizing the largest hack against climate change ever staged.

Your cities (and the world) needs you!

The Geeklist Corps of Developers is mobilizing to stage our largest ever multi-city hackathon to date – and the largest hack against climate change in history.

This 12-14 September, over 4,000 developers will unite at once in 43+ cities (with many more taking part online!) to address some of the biggest issues and challenges facing humanity today.

Climate change is a global issue, and it demands global action to address it!

Cities involved so far:

[To see and select a city go to Hack4good 0.6 ]

We’ll be hacking to:

  • stimulate climate change awareness
  • change consumer behaviour on a global scale
  • understand impacts on coastal ecosystems and settlements
  • build strong and resilient communities
  • radically change how we produce, distribute and use energy
  • enhance our ability to respond to extreme weather events as well as long-term climate trends
  • and much more!

This is an amazing opportunity to work with those at the forefront of science, technology and action on all these areas and more – including Fauna & Flora International, 350.org,WeForest, Friends of the Earth, Save the Children, the Campaign against Climate ChangeAvaazJustGiving, government departments worldwide, and many others.

The time to fix the climate and what we’re doing to it is now. The time for moving towards a low-carbon future is now. The time to wake up and change the direction humanity is going in is now!

Join the hackathon at http://bit.ly/hack4good06

Teams are working to organise #hack4good in 45 cities so far. Many cities need more help.

If you can lend a hand in your city, please email hack4good@geekli.st or reply to this email!

We need your help! Email us at hack4good@geekli.st if you can assist with:
Sponsorship both local and global:
Liaising with climate change partners
Identifying appropriate data sets
Coordinating global social media and comms activity
Facilitating virtual hackathon participants over the hackathon.

As an experienced member of the #hack4good community, you can make a big impact with these things and we would really appreciate your help!

Please join us in launching the world’s biggest ever hackathon against climate change, and making a permanent, long-term and sustainable impact in what may well be the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced.

Once again, the link to sign up is http://bit.ly/hack4good06 and if you want to help out, just reply to this email or email us at hack4good@geekli.st

Thanks, and let’s Hack a Better World this September!

– Dan Cunningham

Head of Geeklist Corps of Developers


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