All I know for sure

I think that I’ve learned some in 2014 that at times was good but at times had me in the dumps.

Love yourself

I saw it all the time but you have to like and love your self NO not sexually (nothing wrong with that) but your inner self. Often we want to be liked/loved but don’t like ourselves. So look at yourself and count your blessings. No matter how small or big it’s what makes a unique you.

Forgive yourself

I’ve been mad at myself all year for negating all my hardwork over the past few years getting in shape. I was literally in 30pds of my ideal weight but after the car accident/finances I stopped going to Pink Iron Cross Fit Gym. I kept the weight off for a while but once I started to gain it became a downward spiral of checking the scale being disappointed in myself and eating food (my drug of choice). The last few months I’ve worked on forgiving myself and not looking back so have done Spin a few times, been walking and fighting my food issues (major battle). Now that I’m not mad and have tried to stop self body shaming am feeling OK enough to hit the gym. Of course now I have to AFFORD the gym (spin is really expensive!) but one step at a time.

I’ve learned more but am just saying to get these two in your head before the next steps of happiness, peace and joy that I’m hoping 2015 will bring.


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