Transitioning to mac for 2015

I’ve been a PC person all my life. I mean I like the way Macs looked but they were always crazy expensive so kept with my computer peeps. I slowly moved over to the macside when I had to switch from my beloved #blackberry when I worked at CSMC. My office paid for my cell phone but I had to switch to ATT and was offered the choice of two phones. One was a Blackberry (I’d heard had major issues) or the iPhone 4 so switched to the iPhone. Now I never loved the 4 as much as my BB phone but I got to liking all of the apps so was OK. Than a few years later I won a iPad 2 at the LA Auto Show from a tire company (sweet). That’s when I thought maybe I should switch over completely but the price point was just too high as well as my Lenovo was still going strong. But the past two years my computer was beginning to die after over five years of great service. Well nothing last forever but I had to try to resuscitate my Lenovo. So the first time it died I took it to a computer repair shop in West Hollywood that managed to get it working again but he told me it wasn’t worth the money to get it repaired a second time. Instead he recommended I just buy a new laptop. I didn’t since I didn’t want to spend the money so instead I got a Seagate external HD to save everything in case it died again and also so that it wouldn’t need to do too much. So it kept trudging along like a trooper till the last six months. I had to keep it plugged up all the time since the battery won’t hold a charge. I finally accepted it was time .. to upgrade my laptop.

Being a major frugal person I of course wanted to wait till black Friday and had planned to get a new Lenovo again (total work horses). But over the past couple of years my social media geekness has really grown with my getting some good interviews at cons. So it hit me that I really need to upgrade my game from a new cell phone to laptop and everything in between!

Looking at all of the equipment that needed to be upgraded I of course flipped out a bit.  A new TV (my old 10 year RCA was kaput), laptop, cell phone, replace my camera (8 years old but still a trooper just didn’t have enough juice), consider getting a camcorder and microphone with a stand since I’m a one woman show. I estimated that it would be about $2,500 which is a LOT of money to shell out at one time!

But luck was on my side since it looks like fate decided to toss me some tech joy. I won a new laptop mini at a tech event AND a iPhone 6 <scream> from Citibank. So that meant I got to save some money <kaching> and will be able to sell two items.

First thing that I had to do was replace my tv. It had been warning me for a while that it wasn’t going to be around much longer so after praying to the tv gods to wait till Black Friday to die I headed out to Fry’s Electronics in Burbank for an upgrade (feeling very Beyonce). I had researched prices for a flat screen and they had the best deals in town AND online. I got the entire package from the LG 47 SmartTV (mounting, wire/surge protector/cleaner box, LG flat plate speaker, home installation) for about $700 after Thanksgiving sales. I wanted to check out Sammy’s Camera to update my camera to a camcorder. They had a great deal with select brands having no sales tax PLUS additional discounts. So I bought the entry level Canon camcorder with extra battery, SD card, Sony Microphone and Slik Tripod that I’ll use on my interviews. I went back and bought a Red Canon Camera that’s super light and wifi enabled. Kind of regret that I didn’t buy the camcorder with WiFi since I didn’t realize that Canon has an app that can turn it off/on/zoom. Ah well in a few years when I’m truly big time!

I spent so much money that I decided to not replace my laptop but then it reminded me that it’s given me warning with it just turning off for no reason and the plug not working so it wouldn’t charge unless I moved it around. Than my new iPad won’t sync with it (very odd since my cell phone is fine) and when I saw all the great laptop deals Fry’s had well no harm in looking. I first purchased a Lenovo but they recommended another series that cost almost as much as a Mac. I decided then to just move over all the way but had to find one I could afford. Sadly I kept missing all the Mac deals (plus mac doesn’t really go on sale in my opinion) that were in my price range. But after tweeting that I’d given up on Fry’s after some computer department issues (wrong info on sale so missed out) the social media person reached out to me to ask what was wrong. They were able to assist with my getting a floor model (new to me) that was a little out of my price range but it’s an almost new Macbook Pro Retina 15.4 for a better deal than I’d found on the Mac Site.

I’m feeling quite exuberant with my upgrading my tech to this century and feel as if good news is heading my way!

Make sure you check out my youtube channel for some of my fun interviews and keep up with all my geekiness!


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