The force is strong in merchandising

Attending the Star Wars Celebration 2015 in Anaheim, CA is a major reminder that Star Wars is big business even before the Disney purchase. Walking the convention hall is the expected tshirts, toys, action figures, dolls and pins but also items appealing to the ‘new’ demographic of women/girls. Of course the only demo that everyone cares about is green and getting geeks to open up their wallets, Apple Pay and spend spend spend. You can buy Chewbacca Furbies, the Hot Wheels Star Wars Cars, luggage,/headphones and even branded toaster!

I found items under $10 and over $500 that were being bought and shipped home by people interested in having a piece of Star Wars. As a life long fan who attends conventions on a regular basis I find the celebration takes it to a logical place where fans have the money to spend and are looking for items so to tempt attendees they have Celebration exclusives. I tried to buy the special Hot Wheel but no car for me! 

Check back later for photos and a more indepth post about the business of the Celebration


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