Will a free Chipotle Burrito entice you to try ShopHouse?

Chipotle is expanding the fast casual dining Shophouse with a new Chipotle Tie-In for burrito lovers. It’s all one family but the flavor profile is a bit different with the Asian Inspired sit down. I haven’t seen the numbers they are making but the Hollywood location seems to be doing OK. I understand why they want to leverage their rabid line out the door fan base to the new location but I can’t help but wonder if they should instead focus on new customers instead of splitting customers. Especially since they have restaurants so close to one another (about a mile) and the tastes are quite a bit different.

I do plan to try to stop by Shophouse for my BOGO deal next Tuesday but it won’t change my Hollywood food habit. When I go to the Arclight Cinema and grab food I toggle between Stella Barra and Shophouse since they are convenient. I prefer Chipotle but since I have locations close to my home and office I usually want my Americanized Asian Food Fix.

I am curious if they plan to tweak the restaurants a little since they are quite rigid about the amount of sauce and toppings that it doesn’t have the casual truly personalize your food that Chipotle has. I can’t help but wonder if that’s one of the frustrations that Chipotle lovers feel when they try to personalize their bowl. You can’t unless you want to pay extra and the incredibly limited selection means you can get bored pretty fast. I wonder if they’ve gotten feedback from customers who desire more items.

Try Shophouse, get a free Chipotle burrito.

Try Shophouse, Get a Free Chipotle Burrito.

Purchase a ShopHouse House Favorite bowl on Tuesday, August 18th, and we’ll give you a free burrito card valid at any LA Chipotle until August 31st and good for a FREE burrito, bowl, salad or
order of tacos.


ShopHouse is Chipotle’s Southeast Asian concept serving rice and noodle bowls inspired by the flavors of Thailand & Vietnam.

SPILLING THE BEANS ON SOFRITAS Allow us to take you on a magical, graphical, tofu journey.

Shophouse Kitchen


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