Macbook Pro Fail

Am so frustrated with the Macbook Pro I got at Fry’s back in November 2014 it worked fine the first month I got it but starting in late December it’s been a nightmare. Everthing from files (photos, videos, docs) coming up missing to it just not turning on has plagued me like locusts from the bible! I truly count my blessings that I splurged on the extended warrenty because the customer service has been inept but at least it’s been slightly helpful (with turning it on) but they are just doing the basics.

I have to say that after the fourth time my Macbook Pro wouldn’t turn on and I had to go to the Mac store to send off emails for a project I just lost my temper. After I spoke with a staff member who said they they would not help me transfer files from my computer to my external HD well I called customer service (for the 100th time!) to ask for help.  Speaking to a supervisor was not helpful at all. Blah blah MAC policy, blah blah hardward issue, don’t know for sure, if you don’t download your computer you will lose your content and blah blah we don’t care! 

Am so over Mac and my Macbook the customer service is awful! It’s so frustrating to constantly have a laptop that won’t come on and the other many issues that when I called was told I was doing something wrong or it was no big deal. But I’ve spent hours on the phone with customer service complaining about issues with my computer. I’m trying to look on the bright side since someone finally listened and said it’s a hardware issue (not that I’ll get my 2015 Star Wars Celebration photos/videos) so need to send it to th repair center. Not that it will do any good sense my laptop is a lemon. Am going to call my credit card company to see if they can help. Akk so frustrating that this is happening to me. In my mind you pay $1200 for a laptop it should WORK

Leave a commet below if you have mac issues too.

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